July 4, 2020

The Importance of The Ancestral Kitchen. My Grandmothers Bowl

Bessies Bowl

There is no time like now to explore the Culinary history of our ancestors.

With rich Black history literally being unearthed from the depths of a deliberately silenced history book, I see a lot of my friends turn to the women in their families and community that led the way in the kitchen and beyond to make their mark on the culinary world. I want to explore that too. One thing that remains constant are the recipes, and traditions passed down from generation to generation.

In the Ancestral kitchen we find the foods of hardship, struggle, and celebration. The food tells the history of our perspective peoples .

The artifacts whether it is a bowl or a hand held chopper, a plate, or a peeler, all represent the love from our grandmothers and mothers from generation to generation. They hold important stories. And their Energy.

My grandmothers bowl is worn and cracked. Smoothed over by time it carries the memory of her hands, her love and the joy she had cooking for her family. : Ess Mine KIndt" loosely translates to " eat my beloveds". Its my favorite piece of my own culinary history.

She used to chop cod to make gefilte fish for Passover. We used to evacuate the house, until she was done with the fish, Then there was the horseradish. It was definitely something that most Ears Nose and Throat doctors could use to treat sinus congestion.

Those foods were cooked to represent the exodus of my ancestors from slavery.

The original Culinary Medicine.

It's how we were nourished.

Every culture has their own traditions, every family has their memories. Long lost techniques of foods we don't/ wont make anymore. It's time to bring that back. A lost art. or is it?

Our grandmothers were GODDESSES.

Invite them into your kitchen often. They are watching, I know mine is.

To learn how you can have a powerful Ancestral Culinary Workshop, using music Storytelling and artifacts please visit the "Work together" Page.

See you in the kitchen,


The Importance of the Ancestral Kitchen - from the Chai talk with Laurel Podcast
Grandmother Bessie
Laurel Herman
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