November 26, 2020

Why It's More Than Just Food

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Welcome! Here you see a bowl of soup. But its the spoon that invites us in for a further taste.

Food, we need it to survive, but we also can use it to thrive. Our very first connection to another human is through food.

Food is in every part of our lives from celebrating a birth to honoring a loved ones passing. Its what we remember. What was passed down from generation to generation. We don't have to loose our beloved ethnic and religious food traditions.

There is no separation from the human spirit to how it is nourished.

I have people tell me all the time that they have to go gluten free, or have a food allergy.

They come with a list of what they can't eat. And mostly, they feel unqualified in their own kitchens.

My years as chef and culinary instructor ( who also has autoimmune disease) have taught me to not just see the bowl of soup. I see you, who is holding that spoon.

There is a whole food story in each of us.

From sips of soup to a whole range of adapting recipes ( this is my superpower BTW ) to culinary ancestral work, I have a deep understanding of what makes us tick and how gentle gradual changes can change your life, I teach you the very skills, I spent decades learning.

Oh and one more thing. You know those beautiful food blogs you google?

They are beautiful and have great photos. Some recipes work, others don't.

There is a huge difference between an online recipe and having a a guide that takes that walk with you.

Beyond the food, does it fit in your lifestyle? What can I do that will make this a joy for you ? A fellow chef asked me this question she said " What chefs write food blogs?"

I do. Clear, easy to understand, Every step is simplified. More than just a recipe, there is always a huge part of me, and my love for what I do, that I share with you .

I believe in empowering people and watching them win on their food journey. For me? This is way more than just food.

It's a passion for connecting food and the human spirit.

Are you ready to pick up the spoon?

I am your personal guide, awaiting your invitation,

Laurel Herman
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