November 28, 2020

Crones and Scones, How it Started

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This literally started unexpectedly, as I was making a batch of gluten free scones.

This year I turned 65, complete with Medicare bombarding my inbox and snail mail.

Age is just a number, and although I believe this to be true, I realized something was different. We were in pretty much lockdown for months. I had a lot of time to think.

There are things I noticed, observed if you will, that only come with time, experience and wisdom. There are wise words and insight from my mom and the older women in my life I respect.

Which is ALL OF YOU. A diverse group of women from all walks of life who can share their unique wisdom, humor and insight.. And of course the food.

Women 50 and over, elders who have The most important role in our respective communities. Long gone is the definition of an older woman as a hag. It's time to wear that crown.

So here we are. And if you are a woman over 50 who has not joined? Consider this your invitation. Click the link here: Crones and Scones on Facebook

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Always in gratitude for the wise women in my life,

Laurel Herman
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