January 7, 2021

What to Keep in Your Gluten Free Pantry, Dry Storage.

Whew this is a list ! I don't have everything on this list in my pantry, but I have a lot ! This is meant to show what is available if you're Gluten free or not Gluten Free, the idea is to eat foods in their natural state as much as possible.

Please take into consideration your food allergies or sensitivities.

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It's always good to have some extra odd things on hand for days when you don't feel like shopping, have a special meal in mind, or just want to get creative.

I like EASY So.... I'll split this into categories .

Grains, Pseudo Grains or Cereal

What does Pseudo grain or cereal mean? It not grown from grasses and is often a seed used as a grain.

Buckwheat: related to the rhubarb ! Hey Cuz, this is a great pseudo cereal, packed with proteins and good for weight loss. Just ask Adele! Also comes in groats, which is a course texture, or even as cream of buckwheat, a great hot cereal.

Quinoa : "Acts like a whole grain, but it is actually a seed from a weed-like plant called goosefoot, which is closely related to beets and spinach. Whole grain quinoa can be prepared like brown rice or barley, and you can also purchase quinoa flour and quinoa flakes" Google search but accurate!

Polenta : A cornmeal that can be made into polenta or used in baking. A lot of people who are gluten free cannot eat corn. This is a grain. If you are going to buy it make sure its organic and certified Gluten free.

Gluten Free Oats : This one is iffy. I say this because so many of us are grain free. Make sure it is processed in a dedicated Gluten Free and organic. Good to use in crumbles for a nice wintertime dessert.

Rice : Also a grain. There are tons of varieties from black rice, to red, and mixed blends. Wild rice is not actually a rice but 4 species of grasses. Rice has a high level of fiber.

Gluten Free Breadcrumbs : Lots to choose from, read labels carefully. I'm on the no to low sodium side so watch the sodium on these things , they can run really high.

Nutritional Yeast : is a deactivated yeast, popular with vegans as a cheese flavor substitute. Its high in B12 and B vitamins.

Beans and Lentils : I have to admit, I buy canned black beans, kidney beans. But I buy organic. I'm just cooking for one. If you have a crowd, then by all means soak and cook. If you have an instapot even better.

Lentils: I prefer lentils to cook with. They cook faster ! Great in soups My suggestions are , Red lentils, Green lentils, Black lentils, and Dal. These are generally easily digestible. Dal is most often found in the Indian grocery .

Dried Fruits

Dates : Believe it or not dates are low on the glycemic index ! Medjool dates are on the expensive side so I get the Deglet Dates. These are perfect for smoothies, raw brownies, appetizers ( great stuffed with goat cheese or feta)

Dried Cranberries, Currents Dried apricots, sour cherries : all can be used in salads, baking and some Ethnic dishes such as Moroccan Cuisine.

Seeds :

Pumpkin: Too many goodies to mention! ! antioxidant, contains omega 3's and omega 6, lowers cholesterol, good for heart health. Roast with veggies or on salad or a snack.

Sunflower seeds : Help lower blood pressurecholesterol and blood sugar as they contain vitamin Emagnesiumprotein, linoleic fatty acids . Great on salads or as a snack. I buy mine UNSALTED.

Nuts : If you have no nut allergy or allergic to some and not others, proceed with caution, and enjoy. Stick to unsalted it possible.

Flours : There are ALL kinds if Gluten Free Blends out here as well as individual flours, such as quinoa,( this will have a heavier taste) , Rice , cassava, to name a few. Make sure they come from a dedicated facility.

Pasta :I have tried all kinds and the only ones I recommend with pretty much guaranteed success are from Tinkyada, Jovial, and Cadia .

Be safe, and happy shopping !

Laurel Herman
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