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August 24, 2020
Almond Butter Chocolate Cups with Nut Free Option

There is no reason in the world to deny ourselves some simple pleasures. There is an art to food substitutions. It's knowing what ingredients to substitute for others. The occasional treat, well maybe not so occasional, but necessary to our well being, chocolate is in its own food group. I'm not judging. I ate this […]

August 21, 2020
Creamy Thai Beet Soup. Culinary Medicine for the Liver

I was looking through recipes to find something different to make with beets. Nothing will flush out toxins from the liver better than beets. The only issue here was I didn't have all of the ingredients. I was missing red curry paste, and lemon grass. So I figured I'd make a version of my own. […]

August 9, 2020
Culinary Medicine is an All Year Practice. Bone Broth in August.

It's August in Richmond, Virginia . It's hot, muggy, humid. This is not the time of year you're supposed to be making broth. My body is not sure it knows what season it is only that it need healing. Yes I am human and fall off the wagon. I've had too many wonderful Hanover tomatoes. […]

July 21, 2020
Gluten Free Knishes

The very first knish hit the streets of New York In 1910. An Ashkenazim ( Eastern European ) pastry filled with mashed potatoes, onion and chicken fat for flavor. I guess you could call it the Jewish version of Pizza. These days we don't use chicken fat so I substituted broth in the potato mixture. […]

July 8, 2020
Get Your Vitamin C ! Vegan Smoothie Bowl

This is one of the easiest and more delicious ways to get in your Vitamin C. I am notoriously bad about taking my supplements . But with Covid 19 still lurking about, its a good idea to boost your immune system. This is *REAL C . Not some ascorbic acid but the highest quality Vitamin […]

July 4, 2020
The Importance of The Ancestral Kitchen. My Grandmothers Bowl

There is no time like now to explore the Culinary history of our ancestors. With rich Black history literally being unearthed from the depths of a deliberately silenced history book, I see a lot of my friends turn to the women in their families and community that led the way in the kitchen and beyond […]

July 3, 2020
Easy Asian Cold Noodle Salad, Gluten free and Vegan

Summer 2020, How I love thee, let me count the ways. I am being a bit tongue in cheek of course. Even though a lot of us are at home that doesn't mean we want to be tied to the stove. This delicious dish has been my life saver in more ways than one. I […]

July 3, 2020
Salmon Cakes, 2020 Summer's Best Recipe Gluten Free

This has got to be my favorite recipe this summer. One thing we can say for sure, this is the summer of change. Welcome to my first blog for my new website! I have been in most of the spring and summer, partly thanks to Covid -19 ( or Rona as we call her) and […]

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