It's more than just food Builds relationships.

Chef Laurel offers our guests, through her cooking classes, tip and techniques to curate healthy foods at home

Over the years Chef Laurel has shared her passion for food and cooking, while helping our guests improve their own relationship with food.

Her cooking classes at Mise En Place are always winners, whether it's Gluten Free Cooking, Fresh From the Farm or Culinary Medicine.

She's created quite a little following, especially the Vegan classes. In food we are constantly learning and sharing tips and techniques and we look forward to when we can all get back to cooking & dining TOGETHER soon.


Owner/Culinary Director - Mise en place RVA
Chef Laurel is so easy to work with!

She thoughtfully prepares foods for our cooking demonstrations that are not only delicious but are beautiful in their prep and presentation, using only the finest organic ingredients.

Kirsten NEASE

Director of Marketing,  Cornestore Homes -
Chef Laurel has been an inspiration to so many of our farmers market customers, where over many years, she has provided interactive and fun chef demonstrations for us.

The way she combines local seasonal foods with simple methods empowers others to cook and eat healthier, more nutritious food that looks and tastes amazing.

Chef Laurel is engaging, extremely knowledgeable about food (especially about the healing properties of sacred foods), and is a true professional in the kitchen. Her recipes are so inspiring!

Food is a common thread that weaves people together, and she teaches you how to weave!

Lisa DEARDREN - Executive Director
For a year or two, I did not know Laurel but I knew her food, it was healthy, vibrant, delicious, unique and most importantly, left me feeling so much better for having eaten it.
Then by chance, I met Laurel at a cooking class Laurel was teaching.

Once again, the food was amazing and I learned about ingredients, techniques and finding joy in the process of preparing and sharing food.

Shortly thereafter, my husband and I hired Laurel to cater an event we were hosting.
Laurel came to my home to cook and in the process shared so much about our relationship with food, what we can learn from the ingredients and cooking techniques of other cultures and the role food plays in healing and keeping our bodies and minds healthy.

Needless to say, the event was a huge success and the compliments on the food were overwhelming.

What Laurel brings to the table is more than food.

Wanda C. Richmond

It's more than food. Culinary experience | Food substitution guidance | Culinary medicine
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